Downtown and Southern Beaches Route

Explore the parks and coves of Laguna’s scenic northern beaches with this bike-friendly 3 mile loop that visits Crescent Bay, Shaws Cove, Fisherman’s Cove, Diver’s Cove, world famous Heisler Park and the Laguna Art Museum.

This route can be combined with the North Laguna Route and the Crystal Cove Route.

Cross the Coast Highway at Beverly Street and descend down to Cliff Drive.
Cliff Drive splits going north towards Shaws Cove and Crescent Bay and south toward Heisler Park, the Laguna Art Museum and the downtown area. To go downtown, turn left on Cliff Drive and continue past Heisler Park.

If you want to get down the beaches, you’ll need to use your bike locks (provided) to secure the bikes to the bikes racks or railings at the top of the stairs at beach access points and head down the stairs. Its ok to leave the helmets with the bikes.

CLIFF DRIVE SOUTH:  Left on Cliff Drive from Beverly Street

Fisherman’s Cove and Diver’s Cove
There are two stairways at the bottom of the hill next to the apartment building over the rocks. Both beaches are worth checking out.

To the right is a narrow passage down to Fisherman’s Cove, a rocky beach and a good place to launch kayaks. The left side staircase takes you down to Diver’s Cove, an excellent swimming beach when the ocean is calm.

Heisler Park and the Laguna Art Museum
With magnificent views and an amazing collection of public art installations, Heisler Park stretches along the cliff-top towards the downtown area. Bike riding is not allowed in Heisler Park but its OK to walk your bike on the cliff paths. The views are amazing so its better to take it slow.

Just past the end of Heisler Park, Cliff Drive curves inland and intersects with the Coast Highway at the Laguna Art Museum. Founded in 1918 by the early California artists, the Laguna Art Museum exhibits works of art that were created by California artists or represent the life and history of the state.

CROSSING THE PCH ON CLIFF DRIVE:  Cliff Drive crosses the Coast Highway and bends right

From the intersection of the Coast Highway and Cliff Drive, cross the Coast Highway and head to the right along Cliff Drive toward the canyon.